Our Commitment to Service

Global Technology – Local People™

Sonitrol is, first and foremost, a service organization. Our confidence in our systems and the people behind them is backed by Our Commitment to Service. No other local company backs their security systems with a guarantee like ours, because no one else can do what we do. We are so confident in our superior service that we put it in writing.

$5,000.00 Performance Warranty

Sonitrol will pay up to $5,000.00 of any loss incurred by your organization if an undetected forced entry occurs and the proper authority is not notified.  Warranty Program gives a full description.

Emergency Service Guarantee

Sonitrol guarantees the arrival of a service technician, on-site, within four (4) hours of your emergency service request, within our normal service area.  Sonitrol will pay you $50.00 if we do not respond within this time frame.  Additionally, if Sonitrol is unable to repair the system, we will arrange and pay for on-site protection of your facility until the system is repaired provided the problem is associated with Sonitrol equipment and not caused by misuse of the system, fire, flood or an Act of God beyond the control of Sonitrol.

False Alarm Protection Guarantee

Should you receive a false alarm fine due to a Sonitrol dispatch on a Sonitrol audio detection system and not caused by your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God, Sonitrol will represent your organization in getting the fine voided or we will pay the fine.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sonitrol offers a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee and removal of our equipment from your premises if, for any reason, at six months after installation you are dissatisfied with your Sonitrol service. This guarantee applies to Sonitrol audio activated intrusion systems only.

Except as stated in this commitment, the terms of the Client Agreement apply.
Commitment to Service applies to Sonitrol audio activated intrusion alarm systems only.