National Police Week 2016

policeweek_2016Sonitrol New England Says Thanks to the Men and Women in Blue during National Police Week

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as National Police Officer’s Memorial Week (May 15-21, 2016). This week, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converged on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events to honor our men and women in blue.

Last year, 123 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers were killed in the line of duty nationwide.  On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 61 hours. Since the first known line-of-duty death in 1791, more than 20,000 American police have made the ultimate sacrifice to make the communities they serve more safe and secure.

Whether it’s something small, like teaching safety classes at a local school, or something big, like rushing to the scene of an accident or a home burglary, police officers are on the ground, keeping our communities safe, day and night.

Police Week Thank You Image

During this Police Appreciation Week, we honor and remember all law enforcement officers nationwide who made the ultimate sacrifice.  In tribute, Sonitrol New England would like to salute the police officers who protect and serve our country each and every day. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for your tireless efforts to make our communities safe and secure.  We are forever grateful to you for your service, dedication, and brave sacrifice.


Many officers have made a significant difference in someone’s life. Many will never get recognized for their kindness. Whenever you get the chance, take the time to personally thank a police officer for their service and the risks they take every day to maintain peace and safety.

PoliceWeek2016-bannerPlease join Sonitrol New England as we say thanks to our men and women in blue this National Police Week, May 15 – 21.  Donations to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund can be made at




Security Industry Honors


Sonitrol New England Named To SDM Magazine’s 2016 SDM 100 List

Thanks to all the hard work of our staff and the dedication of our customers, Sonitrol New England was recently honored with its inclusion on SDM magazine’s 2016 SDM 100 list.

For the eighteenth year in a row, Sonitrol New England has been ranked as one of the top 100 security companies in the United States! This is a great honor for us, as we are recognized as an industry leader among security dealers across the nation.

Now in its 26th year of publication, SDM magazine’s ‘SDM 100’ report ranks companies based on recurring monthly revenue (RMR) of the largest security dealer companies in the country.

The 2016 SDM 100 ranks US security companies serving both residential and non-residential customers.

To learn more and view the complete report, please visit:

Sonitrol New England partners with the Rocky Hill Police Department to help make the holidays brighter for some very special children in need

Honored to help support local Rocky Hill Police Department’s Holiday Toy Drive


Police Officers from the Rocky Hill Police Department (left), with Brian Mulligan (right) of Sonitrol New England, stand next to donations for the toy drive at Sonitrol New England’s corporate office in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Sonitrol New England recently participated in a holiday toy drive to support the Rocky Hill Police Department.  “We’re always thrilled to support the Rocky Hill Police Department,” said Douglas Curtiss, CEO of Sonitrol New England.  “We love putting smiles on kid’s faces.”  Employees and their family and friends from all of Sonitrol New England’s locations participated in the festive event.

Sonitrol's Brian Mulligan and XYZ XYZ help the Rocky Hill Police Officers load up the donations for the toy drive at Sonitrol New England’s corporate office in Rocky Hill, CT.

Sonitrol’s Brian Mulligan and Lillian Climan help Rocky Hill Police Officers load up toys that were collected for the holiday toy drive at Sonitrol New England’s corporate office in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Our sincere thanks to everyone for your generous contributions and a very special thank you to the Rocky Hill Police Department for supporting this wonderful cause and  helping to make the holidays brighter for some very special children.


All the toys collected at the event were donated to the Rocky Hill Police Toy Drive and will be distributed to children in need.

Wishing you a very Happy (and safe!) Holiday!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year.


Happy Holidays


Vintage Sonitrol holiday cards to wish you a Happy (and safe!) Holiday!Sonitrol_Holiday_Card_4 Sonitrol_Holiday_Card_1 Sonitrol_Holiday_Card_2 Sonitrol_Holiday_Card_3

Top 10 Home Security Tips For A Safe & Happy Holiday:


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many criminals are working overtime to take advantage of busy shoppers and Christmas vacations. While the holidays are a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, they also bring a spike in residential crime.  Crooks love the holidays as much as everyone else, but chiefly because it’s an opportune time for crime: it gets dark earlier and travel, holiday parties and shopping mean that homes are often left unoccupied – chock-full of presents. It’s enough to make a crook giddy with holiday joy. Here are a few simple steps to secure your home before you hit the road, giving you peace of mind while you’re away – even if you’re just at the mall.

Be Neighborly: Headed out of town? Are any of your neighbors staying home – and could they keep an eye on your home?  Let a trusted neighbor know that you’re going out of town and for how long. Perhaps they’ll even park a car in your driveway.  You might even ask them to leave tire tracks in your driveway and make foot tracks into the house after a fresh snowfall. Just remember to bring them some Christmas cookies when you return.

Hold the Mail: If you’re going out of town, take advantage of the U.S. Postal Service’s ‘Request Hold Mail’ service. Your mail will be kept safely at your local Post Office™ until you return.  Don’t forget to have the newspaper temporarily stopped and re-schedule any package deliveries. A big stack of holiday packages piling up at your front door is a sure sign you’re not home.

Smart Home Automation:  If burglars believe your home is occupied they will often be deterred by the increased chance getting caught and less likely to break in.  Install good exterior lighting and motion lights around your property to give the appearance that somebody’s home. Keep the interior of your home well lit and seemingly occupied by installing timers to turn on interior lights and a TV or radio.  Turn down the ringer on your telephone, so that would be burglars won’t hear that you’re not home to answer.  If you have an alarm system, ask your alarm company if they offer remote services such as TotalConnect, allowing you to control your security system remotely, along with devices such as locks, lighting and thermostat all from your smart phone.

Keep Up Appearances: Keep your home landscaping from providing useful cover for intruders.  Tall trees or high brush give burglars dark, shadowy hiding spots to conduct their business without interruption. Keep your front yard’s bushes and hedges cut low, especially around windows and entryways where burglars may perch before breaking and entering.

Don’t Advertise That You’re Away: Thieves have gone high tech, using social media sites to find their next target.  Always be mindful of what information you share on online. Don’t publicize your travel plans by posting that you’ll be away on Facebook or to people you don’t know well.  Can’t wait to share those amazing vacation photos with family and friends back home? Resist the urge to post photos of your vacation on Facebook until after you’ve returned home.

A Little Discretion: Avoid leaving presents in plain sight by placing your Christmas tree away from easily accessible windows. Just purchased a new flat screen TV? A big electronics box left outside the garage indicates to potential burglars that your home has expensive gifts that may be worth stealing.  Break down the boxes and packaging before throwing them away and store them inside the garage until the next trash pick-up.

Smart Home Security: No matter where you live, you can’t afford to take chances with your home. If your home has a security system- USE IT.  Make sure your system is properly armed and that all doors, gates and windows are closed and locked. Don’t have an alarm system? Have an easy-to-use monitored home alarm system installed to protect your property while you’re away, and to ensure your family’s safety when you’re at home.

Totally Connected: Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time? Remote video services now make it possible for you to stay connected to your home 24/7/365. Receive activity alerts, view live video and control your security system remotely right from your smart phone– giving you peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Deter, Deter, Deter: Not only does an alarm system alert you if someone breaks into your home, but it can also deter potential burglars from targeting your home in the first place. Thieves are much less likely to target homes with a monitored alarm system. Let criminals know your home is protected by placing your alarm company’s yard sign in a prominent place in front of your home and displaying stickers near your home’s entryway.  These signs send the message that your home is being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that targeting your home may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Help Us Help You: Big travel plans? Call Sonitrol New England’s central station and let us know that you’ll be away. The more information we have about the comings and goings from your home will help us to identify suspicious activity faster.

The holidays are about sharing in the festivities with your friends and loved ones; so don’t let the bad guys stop you from enjoying your holiday season. Instead, protect your home with multiple layers of security and don’t give the bad guys opportunity to do their dirty work!

Happy Turkey Day from your friends at Sonitrol New England!

Wishing you a very Happy (and safe!) Thanksgiving from our family to yours.



Join us at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities 2014 Convention

CCM_AnnouncementVisit the Sonitrol New England Team and you may win an iPad Mini!

We look forward to meeting you at the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Annual 2014 Convention on Tuesday October 21st!  Stop by booth 432 to say hi, and register to win a brand new iPad Mini.

CCM’s Annual Convention and Exposition is held each year in October at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.  Over 1,000 people attended last year. The day-long program is specifically created for municipal personnel from all over Connecticut.  There are a variety of workshops designed to improve the quality of life in our communities, control municipal costs and share best practices and new laws affecting towns.

 Event Details:
Tuesday October 21, 2014
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, Connecticut

For further details about the event, please visit the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities website:









Sonitrol’s Verified Electronic Security Technology Assists Police in Apprehension Every 111 Minutes

Since 1977, Sonitrol has Assisted Law Enforcement in Over 170,000 Apprehensions

Police_ApprehensionSonitrol, the security industry’s leader in audio verification technology, has reached a milestone by assisting in its 170,000th documented apprehension since 1977, when the company began documenting apprehension statistics. Sonitrol’s unprecedented record of success in assisting law enforcement in the apprehension of intruders is attributed to the nearly 50 years of dedication and advancement of the company’s unique, impact-activated, audio intrusion detection technology. Sonitrol provides businesses and homeowners with 100% volumetric wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling protection — monitored and verified in real time — allowing for a quicker response by law enforcement, and resulting in more apprehensions of potentially criminal trespassers then traditional non-verified alarm systems.

The 170,000 documented apprehensions over the last 36 years — or approximately one apprehension every 111 minutes — is a result of a mutually beneficial relationship between local law enforcement agencies around the country and Sonitrol’s professionally trained operators. Sonitrol’s ability to verify an intrusion in real time offers unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement. As a growing number of municipalities pass Verified Response regulations requiring verification that an intrusion is actually taking place before law enforcement dispatch personnel to the site, the reliability of Sonitrol’s audio intrusion system offers a key advantage over competing traditional intrusion systems.

“False alarms are wasting a lot of officers’ time, but with Sonitrol, we feel more confident responding to a call for one of their alarms,” said Robert Stack, Assistant Chief of Police, Lexington, Kentucky. “The audio verification provides us the ability to respond more quickly and tactically to an in-progress break-in. Any time we have real-time information, it affects how fast an officer responds and how they approach the situation. And, as far as officer safety is concerned, it makes a huge difference.”

Properties protected by Sonitrol’s unique impact-activated audio verification technology are remotely monitored around-the-clock by operators from one of the company’s 26 central monitoring stations throughout the United States and Canada. In the event a possible intrusion is detected, one of Sonitrol’s highly trained operators automatically receives the live audio feed from the protected facility, which is used to indentify, verify and respond to the potential alarm. If the operator identifies the sounds as an actual break-in, only then is local law enforcement enlisted to respond to the alarm. The process of audio verification allows local law enforcement to efficiently strategize their response and maximize their resources, while saving the customer from unnecessary false alarm fines.

“Sonitrol is extremely proud of its track record, and we think the apprehension statistics speak for themselves,” said Bruce Winner, Director of the Sonitrol brand. “It’s one thing to have video surveillance and remote monitoring on your phone or tablet, and we do that, but with Sonitrol you have a live, professionally trained operator monitoring your facility 24-7, ready to listen-in when your system is armed.

“If all that’s on the other end is an employee who needs to access a facility after-hours, we’ll know. If it’s a stray dog barking, or some other benign disturbance, we’ll know. But, if there’s someone trying to break into a Sonitrol protected property, we’ll know, and we’ll let local law enforcement know, and together we’ll catch whoever it is. With Sonitrol, there’s always someone listening for you, so you can have that peace of mind. If you have Sonitrol, your walls have ears,” stated Winner.

Sonitrol has been on the frontier of audio verification in security systems since 1964. Started in Anderson, Indiana, when founder Robert Baxter’s local pest extermination business discovered a new application for his invention that pin-pointed the exact location of termites in walls. The acoustic device was so accurate and effective that Baxter realized he could do more than just locate insects — he could also catch criminals.

Caught In The Act! Security Camera Systems Explained

By Steve Marchessault

Cameras are everywhere, or at least it seems that way. Local and network news stations run clips from individuals taking videos on smartphones or businesses recording a hold up to government satellite videos. TV dramas that focus on crime are constantly accessing and extracting pictures and video from all those cameras strategically placed near the crime scene in order to catch the perpetrator. The reality of the situation is camera systems may be numerous and growing at an exponential rate but the types of systems and their use vary dramatically. This article will focus on some of the various types of camera systems available to the general public and how they should be used.

When selecting a camera system the first questions that should be asked are: What do you want to see? and When do you want to see it? The answers to these two questions will ensure you receive the appropriate camera to capture the images you want. Cameras range dramatically from an indoor camera that needs light to provide a picture 10 feet away, to an outdoor camera that can see a person on the deck of a boat five miles at sea in the middle of the night, and as you can imagine the prices are dramatically different.

There are two main types of cameras on the market, digital cameras and analog cameras. In simplistic terms digital cameras can be viewed over the internet without the use of a gateway device, and their video can be transmitted and stored remotely. These cameras are also referred to as IP cameras or internet protocol cameras. Some manufacturers have Apps for their IP cameras to make it even easier to remotely access and view via a smart phone.

Once you’ve determined the cameras you need for your particular purpose, you’ll need to decide what, where, and how long you want to record the video from your cameras.  If you’re not interested in recording any video, then you really don’t need a camera system. Assuming you want to record, you need to define what you want to record. Most cameras with their associated software can be set up to record after detecting motion, this is highly recommended, otherwise you’ll record a lot of extremely uninteresting video.

Next is where you want to record. This decision can also affect the type of camera. If you want to record locally, at your home or business, you will need a digital video recorder, or DVR. If you want to record remotely, you will need a high speed internet connection, digital or IP cameras and a storage service provider. There are advantages and disadvantages to both storage methods that you can discuss with your security provided.

Finally you’ll need to know how long you want to record. Some camera systems will take a ten second clip once motion is detected, then wait a minute before taking another clip. This reduces the storage space required, but may cause you to miss something very important. This type of system is not recommended for a business, but is very useful for a homeowner. Businesses need to capture the entire event, so a system that continues to record as long as motion is detected is very important.

I realize I’ve only briefly touched on the many aspects of a camera system, so for additional help and guidance in determining your specific needs, please contact your local security professional.

About the Author:  Steve Marchessault, General Manager at Sonitrol New England, has over 26 years of business experience, including over 16 years working exclusively in the electronic security industry.