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Whether you run a small company or a big one, your business is vulnerable on a variety of fronts.

Sonitrol New England brings best in class security to businesses of all sizes.  Our state-of-the art technology—including verified audio & video intrusion detection and verified video surveillance—is backed by our team of experienced security professionals.

Securing businesses all across New England

Office security is usually one of the biggest concerns for businesses - regardless of size or industry. Threats to  office assets or employees results in heavy losses to the businesses; this typically comes in the form of capital expenditure, healthcare and social security. Even though small office security may seem simple, it requires a great deal of planning.

Fortunately for New England companies looking for business security systems, Sonitrol New England offers an integrated, modular suite of sophisticated business security solutions that can help protect your business and your people. Plus, our state-of-the art technology—including verified audio & video intrusion detection and verified video surveillance—is backed by a team of business security experts.  Many security companies specialize in one type of solution, but at Sonitrol New England we are industry-leading experts in integrated solutions for intrusion, access control, video surveillance and fire detection.

We understand that every client has different security and surveillance needs. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best office surveillance system for your business that fits within your budget. We have the insight, experience, and technical systems to help protect your business for years to come. Count on us to help you select the system that’s right for your business and get it installed quickly and efficiently.
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Theft Protection Systems

Sonitrol can protect your company from unauthorized activity with sensors to catch breaches and intrusion alarms which emit a startling noise to intimidate potential thieves. These systems can be hard-wired or wireless, and they often include back-up protocols in case there’s a complication, like a power outage.

With monitoring, this system will trigger an alert to professionals on standby at a central station instead of sounding an audible warning. Many monitoring services confirm the break-in through a verification process rather than immediately calling the authorities.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems use cameras and a digital video recorder to observe the most critical areas of your workplace.  Sonitrol New England frequently installs television systems to accompany video surveillance systems to give a business owner or security personnel a wide vantage point from a control room, and cloud-based systems allow remote viewing and manipulation of the cameras. You can also change the position of cameras if you suspect a blind spot or need to zoom in with internet-enabled cameras.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems manage who has access to enter different areas of your workplace. With card and badge programs, you can assign levels of access to employees. Each card has a programmed code, and strategically placed card readers permit or deny individuals access to a location-based on their cards.

Proximity readers are devices that can operate electronic locks throughout your building. Access cards with the proximity feature let employees simply place their card close to the reader to enter a room. The alternative to this would be swiping a standard magnetic stripe card.

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“Our business is growing rapidly and burglary is not our only concern. Sonitrol New England has helped us prevent employee theft as well as a number of other threats.”

Steve Anderson, President

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions when it comes to enterprise businesses security systems.

Why do Police respond to Sonitrol New England’s Alarms more quickly?

Conventional alarms are notorious for generating false alarm dispatches, and therefore law enforcement assigns them a Priority Level of 7 (with 1 being the highest level of dispatch priority.) Verified signals are treated as witnessed events, second only to Police in Trouble/Officer Down calls (number one on the priority list.) With a verified alarm signal, Law enforcement personnel are eager to arrive at the scene while the perpetrator is on-site so they can make an arrest!

What is the difference between a Sonitrol alarm and a conventional alarm?

Thanks to our audio and video technology, Sonitrol is able to provide floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall coverage, protecting areas that can’t be seen by conventional systems’ motion detectors. And with Sonitrol’s live audio signals, there’s no guesswork. Our operators can swiftly verify what’s happening and either call the police or reset the system, virtually eliminating false alarms.

There are thousands of alarm companies in North America, what makes Sonitrol the best?

The other companies rely on easily compromised technology, such as motion sensors and door contacts. These older, less effective systems have a remarkable 98-percent false alarm rate. Sonitrol operators can actually hear and see what is going on before criminals actually enter. Our operators do this through our verified audio and video monitoring programs. Once an alarm is detected, Sonitrol verifies the source of the alarm and either resets it or sends in the law enforcement.

Burglary Is Not The Only Threat Facing Your Commercial Business.

No matter the size of your business, there are a growing number of threats that you need to protect against. In addition to burglars looking for cash or equipment, employee theft and violence is a growing issue with billions of dollars lost and more than 5,000 cases of employee violence reported each day in the United States.

Growing businesses are the most vulnerable to these types of threats, which can be catastrophic to the bottom line. Sonitrol New England offers a full suite of commercial solutions to protect your assets, employees and the future of your business. 

Fire Protection & Monitoring

Fire protection monitored 24/7 by in-house monitoring professionals. 

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Video Surveillance

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions integrated with panic buttons for full video verified active shooter response. 

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Intrusion Detection

Early detection, 3-5 minute response time, reduced false alarms and a Sonitrol $15,000 warranty. This is the best intrusion detection system on the market. 

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Access Control

A responsive access control and lock down solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes have trusted Sonitrol New England to provide comprehensive security solutions. We will help you limit risk and liability to help your business thrive and keep your employees safe.