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Commercial and Business Security Solutions

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Our Business Security System Capabilities

Fire Protection & Monitoring

Fire Protection & Monitoring

Our extensive experience with installing and maintaining fire protection systems helps protect your business from destructive fires. Get peace of mind with a commercial fire alarm system

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

We can design, install, service, and monitor a security camera system that will fit your unique business needs, as well as integrate with your existing systems

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Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

No matter the size of a company, business safety is of the utmost importance. Protect your company from unauthorized activity with sensors to catch breaches and intrusion alarms

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Access Control

Access Control

Track and restrict who goes where—and when. Only authorized users can enter your facility, or designated areas within your facility—reducing the possibility of internal theft and external threats

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  • Tailored Solutions for Your Security Priorities
  • Convenient System Access by Phone or Tablet
  • Effortless Remote Monitoring 24/7
  • Total Control Over Securing Your Business

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  • Integrated Security Solutions that Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency
  • Industry Best Practices for Standardizing Security Protocols Procedures
  • Comprehensive Analytics that Give Meaning To Your Security Data


Customize Your Business Security Solution

We can tailor a security solution to help protect businesses of any size.


Food & Beverage

Sonitrol has experience protecting neighborhood restaurants and national chains, from fast food to sit-down dining, we understand your security needs, large or small.



We deliver cutting edge solutions for loss prevention, asset protection, hold up and duress response, and workplace violence protection.


Health & Wellness

Our security solution empowers hospitals and healthcare facilities to fully manage and secure their sites for constant monitoring and threat detection.



Our solution helps make facilities safer without causing a delay in delivery schedules with our integrated, automated technology.



Our goal is to provide our government customers with the highest level of expertise and services when it comes to both federal and local compliance.


Real Estate

We can equip your properties with the latest advancements in security so that you and your tenants feel safe.

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“Our business is growing rapidly and burglary is not our only concern. Sonitrol New England has helped us prevent employee theft as well as a number of other threats.”

Steve Anderson, President


Burglar Alarm Installation

Burglar alarms are often the first line of defense for any commercial business. They help keep unwanted intruders off your premises and reduce employee theft and shoplifting.

All of our commercial security systems work with each other, and you can easily integrate your burglar alarm with any other security measures you have. For instance, you can combine the alarm with access control to prevent false alarms and control people’s flow on your premises. Alternatively, you can integrate your alarm with your surveillance network to detect unwanted intruders and inform emergency services of the situation.

We support our burglar alarm installations with a certified central monitoring station that provides continuous monitoring and protection at all times. Our specially trained response teams can respond to an alarm within minutes, ensuring that your property and inventory are kept protected and safe.


Access Control

An access control system is an excellent security option if you work with sensitive or hazardous materials or want to control the flow of people in your building. Access control can range from relatively simple measures like ID badging, turnstiles, or key fobs to complex biometric scanners and advanced automated credentialing.

All of our access control solutions use a centralized management platform that makes managing access a breeze. Using the platform, you can quickly provide or revoke access to individuals or groups of people and monitor employees’ and guests’ movement in the building.


24/7 Monitoring

Video surveillance is an essential component of our business security systems service. Surveillance provides you with continuous information about the state of your building, both indoors and outdoors. It can assist in identifying burglars and vandals while also providing real-time situational information during an emergency.

Modern commercial security camera systems offer high-resolution images that are clear and crisp, making it easy to get a clear picture of the overall situation. We regularly integrate our video monitoring solutions with access control and burglar alarm services to provide comprehensive 24/7 protection.


Fire and Life Safety

Fires are one of the biggest threats to any business, and they cost business owners billions of dollars annually.

Sonitrol New England has worked with companies nationwide and has a deep understanding of local, state, and national fire safety regulations. We have the expertise and resources to tailor a fire safety solution that’s scalable, reliable, and compliant with all the relevant fire codes.

Fire systems need regular maintenance to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service and repair schedule to keep your control panel, sensors, and alarms working like new.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions when it comes to enterprise businesses security systems.

How do I choose a security system for my business?

Choosing a security system for your business involves several key steps. First, assess your specific security needs. Consider factors like location, size, and potential threats. Next, determine what aspects of a security system you need. Do you need alarms, surveillance cameras, access control, or monitoring services? Compare costs, features, and scalability to find the best fit for your budget and requirements. A security expert from a top business security company like Sonitrol New England can provide recommendations tailored to your business. Lastly, ensure your chosen system meets legal and compliance standards, and regularly update and test it to maintain optimal security levels. A security company can help with this too.

Which businesses require high end security?

Businesses that deal with sensitive data, such as financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government agencies, require high-end security to protect against data breaches and cyber threats. Additionally, industries like defense, energy, and critical infrastructure also prioritize robust security measures due to the potential for significant consequences in the event of a breach

Why do police respond to Sonitrol New England’s alarms more quickly?

Conventional alarms are notorious for generating false alarm dispatches, and therefore law enforcement assigns them a Priority Level of 7 (with 1 being the highest level of dispatch priority.) Verified signals are treated as witnessed events, second only to Police in Trouble/Officer Down calls (number one on the priority list.) With a verified alarm signal, Law enforcement personnel are eager to arrive at the scene while the perpetrator is on-site so they can make an arrest!

There are thousands of alarm companies in North America, what makes Sonitrol the best?

The other companies rely on easily compromised technology, such as motion sensors and door contacts. These older, less effective systems have a remarkable 98-percent false alarm rate. Sonitrol operators can actually hear and see what is going on before criminals actually enter. Our operators do this through our verified audio and video monitoring programs. Once an alarm is detected, Sonitrol verifies the source of the alarm and either resets it or sends in the law enforcement.

What is the difference between a Sonitrol alarm and a conventional alarm?

Thanks to our audio and video technology, Sonitrol is able to provide floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall coverage, protecting areas that can’t be seen by conventional systems’ motion detectors. And with Sonitrol’s live audio signals, there’s no guesswork. Our operators can swiftly verify what’s happening and either call the police or reset the system, virtually eliminating false alarms.

Talk with a security consultant to design a custom security solution for your business.

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