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Our Rhode Island Business Security Services

Sonitrol New England stands at the forefront of commercial security with our proprietary audio and video verification solutions. Sonitrol's time-tested approach to business security provides unmatched levels of protection and peace of mind.

At the core of Sonitrol New England's security strategy is our audio and video verification system. Unlike traditional security systems that rely solely on alarms, Sonitrol's proprietary technology goes beyond mere detection, providing the ability to validate alarms through both audio and video channels.

This capability drastically reduces false alarms, ensuring that law enforcement and emergency responders are dispatched only when necessary. As a result, Sonitrol New England boasts the industry's lowest false alarm rate, a testament to the precision and reliability of our solutions.

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Rhode Island Commercial Security Systems

Sonitrol New England provides premier business security solutions. Our advanced video technology includes verified audio and video intrusion detection, in addition to verified video surveillance, all under the vigilant watch of our monitoring professionals.

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commercial fire alarm rhode island

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Providence and Beyond

Safety and security will always be paramount in business. With our smoke and fire detection systems, we leverage state-of-the-art technology. Our smoke detectors excel at identifying the initial indications of a fire. Instant notifications will be sent to both you and emergency services, prompting a rapid response. Additionally, our all-encompassing on-site inspection services ensure your fire systems' adherence to regulatory protocols.

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commercial access control ri

Access Control Rhode Island

Empower your business security through access control. These systems allow you to designate authorized personnel and specific entry times for different areas of your property. Grant entry only to approved individuals, effectively curbing both internal and external risks within the workplace. Safeguard your company's invaluable assets around the clock, mitigating potential threats. 

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commercial alarms

Commercial Alarm Monitoring in RI

In-facility central station operators offer constant business building monitoring. Trained operators will respond to any smoke and heat detectors, sprinklers, pull stations and more. A real human will monitor the situation and ensure proper dispatch of emergency responders.

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Video Surveillance Rhode Island

Our advanced high-resolution cameras record activities within specific zones of your business. Enjoy the ease of comprehensive property surveillance through motion-triggered security cameras and high-resolution digital images, accessible for viewing anytime. Streamline the task of navigating digital archives with the assistance of our video analytics software, allowing for effortless search through your files.

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intrusion detection

RI Business Alarm Systems

Protect your business from unwanted intrusion with specialized sensors crafted to detect breaches. These systems are available in both hard-wired and wireless configurations, frequently equipped with backup protocols to address potential issues like power outages.

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Top Commercial Security Company in Rhode Island

Sonitrol New England, a family-owned local business, has protected Rhode Island businesses for more than half a century. Our strength is crafting personalized strategies to address the unique requirements of each customer. We have the experience and expertise to protect your critical business assets and enhance employee and workplace safety.

As a reputable installer of business security solutions in Rhode Island, we stand ready with advanced technology and comprehensive knowledge. We are proud of our reputation as a premier installer of commercial security systems in Rhode Island. Operating across various locations throughout New England, our business security company extends its reach to serve you effectively.

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Look No Further for Business Security in RI

With over 50 years in the business, our local team of RI security experts can help keep your business safe and sound.

We are best known for:

  • Commerical Security Camera Systems
  • Commerical Alarm Systems
  • Office Security Systems
  • Small Business Security Systems
  • Business Alarm Monitoring

Proudly Serving Rhode Island

Sonitrol New England provides Rhode Island business owners with comprehensive commercial security solutions. Our Providence-based Rhode Island team provides service to:

  • Providence
  • Riverside
  • Warwick
  • Bristol
  • East Greenwich
  • Barrington
  • Middletown
  • And more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What control do I have over the business security system?

Our security systems have different safety areas and smart features. This lets you control who enters which part of your facility. We use modern sensors, locks, and smart technology to create a strong security setup.

You can easily turn security on or off for specific areas using your phone, even from far away. In business, there's always a risk of trouble from upset employees or other bad actors. Having the ability to secure your building remotely and alert the authorities quickly helps protect your staff and customers.

Our systems also take pictures each time someone turns off a security panel. This keeps a record of who did it, just in case.

If a sensor is triggered when the office is closed, you'll get instant alerts on your phone. Our response team is ready to help quickly in emergencies, ensuring things get resolved fast.

Do you provide maintenance and inspection?

Our skilled technicians, who have a deep understanding of Rhode Island commercial properties, manage installations, resolve issues, and handle all maintenance duties related to business security. Our commitment is to provide top-quality service to our valued customers.

In terms of inspections, ensuring that your fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and security systems remain in good working order is crucial. You can be confident that our team is fully committed to conducting thorough and regular inspections to ensure these components are functioning optimally.

What about installations?

Contact us via phone or complete our contact form to receive a quote for your tailored system.

We'll promptly send one of our skilled security technicians to your business for an in-person evaluation. Their assessment will include pinpointing potential vulnerabilities, and identifying opportunity for security improvements.

What are my business security system customization options?
You have the opportunity customize your system. For example:

  • Recording all keycard entries and exits from the building
  • Easily integrating fire, surveillance, and access systems
  • Choosing your preferred method of detection, like magnetic contacts, motion or glass break detectors, and pressure or shock sensors
  • Adding time delays for entry and exit protocol
  • Enabling automatic security and lights

Family-Owned, Reliable Service, and Good Value for Your Money

When we decide to help a customer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business in Westerly or a large national company headquartered in Providence. We partner with you for one goal: to protect your business assets. Sonitrol New England is here to ensure that you, your business, and your employees enjoy the safest working environment possible.