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Protect Students, Staff and Property with Verified Security

For more than 45 years, Sonitrol New England has protected schools across New England from violence, burglary, vandalism and fire.


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Sonitrol New England Safe Schools Program

No one knows better than educators that schools have become increasingly vulnerable to violence, crime and vandalism. Safety concerns take too much time and attention. With customized security solutions from Sonitrol, schools can put the focus back where it belongs; education. 

Serving 12,000 schools nationwide and over 200 schools here in New England, we are experts at assessing your schools vulnerabilities and recommending practical solutions to secure your facilities, faculty and, most importantly, students. 




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See How Sonitrol New England Protects Schools Like Yours Across New England

“Sonitrol New England provides the most comprehensive and customized school safety solutions I've ever used. Not only is it effective, it's easy to manage.”

Daryl K. Roberts, Director of Security

Hartford Public Schools

Sonitrol New England Offers Full Service School Protection

Across the country, schools and universities are increasingly vulnerable to security risks. A school is three times more likely than a business to be burglarized and vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year. According toe the National Education Association, every hour of every school day more than 900 teachers are threatened and 2,000 students are physically attacked on school grounds. 

Schools and public places require a new kind of response to security. In a live shooter or violent incident, it is critical to be able to quickly create safe spaces within the interior of a building: classrooms, offices, assembly areas, multi-purpose rooms and corridors. Sonitrol New England offers fully integrated solutions that allow administrators to respond rapidly to safeguard students, faculty and staff. 

Access Control

A responsive access control and lock down solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

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Video Surveillance

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions integrated with panic buttons for full video verified active shooter response. 

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Fire Protection

Fire protection monitored 24/7 by in-house monitoring professionals. 

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Verified Intrusion Detection

Early detection, 3-5 minute response time, reduced false alarms and a Sonitrol $15,000 warranty. This is the best intrusion detection system on the market. 

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Why is verified security so important for school protection?

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See How Sonitrol New England Can Help You Secure Your School Against

Sonitrol New England provides cutting-edge security solutions for over 200 schools in New England. Speak with one of our Security Consultants today to learn how we can help you protect your facilities, faculty and, most importantly, students.