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Sonitrol New England Has 45+ Years of Work With Government Agencies

We have been working with government institutions for decades. Today, security is more critical than ever. We offer an integrated set of solutions to protect and secure your buildings, assets, employees and the public.


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An Integrated Security System To Protect Assets And Keep The Public Safe


In a government application, it is imperative to have a fully integrated system in order to protect your physical assets as well as your employees. Sonitrol New England offers a full suite of solutions that will help you secure your faculties after hours and protect your employees while they are on the job.

With our audio and video verified security solutions, we help you prevent both internal and external threats. Whether it is burglary, active shooter situations, vandalism or internal theft, Sonitrol New England provides the customized tools to keep your physical and human assets safe. 

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See how Sonitrol New England helps government institutions

“As a government institution, we have to worry about both internal and external threats 24/7. With Sonitrol New England's experience, we can protect our physical assets after-hours as well as our employees and staff while they are on the job.”

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Roger Stevens, Director of Security

Customized And Comprehensive Security Solutions To Physical Property And Human Assets.

With Sonitrol New England's expertise and suite of integrated security solutions, government agencies can ensure the security of physical and intellectual property as well as their employees and staff. 

Our audio and video verified intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance technology makes it easy to secure property after hours and control ensure the safety of the people on site during hours of operation. 


Verified Intrusion Detection

Audio and video intrusion detection provides early detection, reduce false alarms and priority police response. All backed by a $15,000 Sonitrol Warranty.

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Video Surveillance

State-of-the art video surveillance technology that integrates with intrusion detection and access control systems allows for a comprehensive solution for multiple buildings controlled from a single platform.

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Access Control

Control access to and movement within your facilities both after-hours and during hours of operation. Protect against internal and external threats around the clock.

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Active Shooter Protection

A fully integrated audio and video solution for an active shooter situation. Provide authorities with the ability to see and hear while limiting movement within the facility. 

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Develop a customized security plan to protect your assets and employees.

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See How Sonitrol New England Can Help You Secure Assets and Protect Employees

Sonitrol New England has decades worth of expertise in working with government institutions. Combined with our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you protect your physical and intellectual property while ensuring the safety of your employees and staff.