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24/7 Best in class protection for your properties

Building and property owners, managers and management companies from all over the region rely on Sonitrol New England for the best in property management and building security solutions. We provide property management companies with video surveillance and security systems, fire alarms and access control systems to help make smarter operational decisions.

Complete security solutions and systems for property management and building management

Sonitrol New England’s Integrated Security solutions have everything you need to plan and implement a comprehensive building security solution for all of your properties, providing you easy operation, better tenant security, and better insights into your building operations.

Using Sonitol New England’s remote security solutions, property managers can reset codes, watch live video surveillance, enable or disable permissions and credentials from virtually anywhere. Integrated video surveillance, fire detection intrusion and burglar alarms, visitor management systems, tenant access control systems, security intercom systems and more.

Our security systems meet all regulations set by property management codes and ensure that your building is always in compliance. Whether you are in need of a security system installation, maintenance, or a complete design, we are here to walk you through the process all while saving you time and money.

Whether it's discreet building lobby security systems that blend into the background, or visible tenant security systems  that provide integrated protection services, Sonitrol New England works with your property management teams to tailor solutions for each property.  

On the exterior of your property, Sonitrol New England property management security systems protect against vandalism and theft of uninhabited properties or public areas around a property by using indoor and outdoor cameras. Security cameras are a great option for rental properties, acting as an added benefit to renters to ensure their safety during their stay. Also, cameras help to monitor public areas in case of accidents to determine if there was a hazard on the property and to determine liability. At Sonitrol New England, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras that would work well and can easily be implemented to expand upon your current surveillance efforts.

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1. Deter Crime

The presence of a security system and cameras can deter crime and make common areas safer for tenants. It can also provide the added benefit of encouraging tenants to be on their best behavior.

2. Control Access

Restricting access to certain areas is one of the most important benefits of installing a property management security system. Controlling access to buildings or spaces within the property is essential to keeping tenants safe and unwanted visitors out.

3. Lower Insurance Costs

Having a property management alarm system can not only lower your insurance premiums, but it can save time if you do have to file an insurance claim. Surveillance footage or access reports can provide vital information to investigate a crime or establish proof of property loss or damage.

Protect Multiple Properties From A Single Platform

“I am responsible for managing six properties across New England. Sonitrol New England's fully integrated security solutions allow me to manage them all from a single, user-friendly platform.”

Peter Evans, Property Manager
United Realty Management

Protect Your Properties 24/7 With Sonitrol New England

Property management is a 24/7 job and securing the safety of your tenants is a top priority. To maintain the security of a property, the manager should develop a comprehensive plan to effectively address all of the potential threats to their facility.

Security measures are not one size fits all and customization is key. Sonitrol New England has provided custom and comprehensive security plans for property managers throughout New England for 45+ years. Whether it is verified intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance or fire protection, we will make sure you have the solutions necessary to protect your facilities and keep your tenants safe. 

Fire Protection & Monitoring

Fire protection monitored 24/7 by in-house monitoring professionals. 

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Video Surveillance

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions integrated with panic buttons for full video verified active shooter response. 

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Intrusion Detection

Early detection, 3-5 minute response time, reduced false alarms and a Sonitrol $15,000 warranty. This is the best intrusion detection system on the market. 

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Access Control

A responsive access control and lock down solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if an access fob is lost or stolen?

If a card or fob is lost, stolen or broken, the system administrator can disable the card through the management software. The card cannot be used in the system (unless reactivated) and any further attempted use can be alerted to the administrator.

How are IP Cameras different from traditional CCTV Cameras?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a traditional analog system of using cameras that use a DVR to record video. They’re reliable, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. However, they don’t offer you the same versatility, high resolution, and higher security that IP cameras do.

What does a property manager need to know about commercial fire alarm systems?

In most cases, the property manager is tasked with maintaining the fire alarm system for the building. It is important to know that almost all fire alarm systems need to be monitored and all are required to be tested and inspected according to local, state, and federal fire code. Fire code can be complicated and changes every couple of years. It is important to choose a fire alarm vendor that has in-depth knowledge of the fire code

See what a customized security plan looks like for the properties you manage.

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Our security professionals have been working with property managers for over four decades. We have the technology and expertise necessary to help you protect your assets as well as your tenants. A fully integrated modular security system will help you protect multiple buildings from a single platform.