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Mitigate Risk with Sonitrol New England’s Security Technology

Whether you run a doctor's office, a clinic or community hospital, or a health care organization with multiple facilities, Sonitrol New England will meet your security needs. We offer a full suite of security solutions including Access Control, Video Surveillance Systems and Fire Alarm Systems.

Both safety and privacy should be top priorities at your healthcare facility. As such, they need to work in harmony with each other in accordance with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In order to implement the necessary security equipment to keep your employees and patients secure, you’ll need to take the following critical considerations into account.

High public traffic and inventories of drugs put hospitals and other healthcare facilities at risk of internal and external theft and burglary. Today, stringent HIPAA guidelines make security even more critical. Sonitrol New England offers solutions that help healthcare facilities comply with HIPAA regulations and protect their property, assets, employees, and patients.

Sonitrol New England's access control solutions let you track movement throughout your facility and restrict access to sensitive areas like the pharmacy and patient records. We'll replace your existing mechanical locks and keys with electronic locks, badges or cards, and readers. Our access control technology integrates with our audio & video intrusion alarm and/or video surveillance to record the event that triggered the alarm. In the meantime, our trained professional operators listen in, verify the event, and dispatch police.

Access Control

Each employee is given a unique credential that grants him or her access to enter specific areas of the facility. The credential provides the employee with a unique security clearance to predefined areas. For example, an administrative assistant will not be able to access the medicine storage closet with his or her card. This effectively restricts access to sensitive areas of your facility and helps safeguard patient information.

Our security systems for doctor’s offices can monitor cabinets, lockers and supply closets through an access control system. From this, you can create access reports to these critical products and medications.  Access control technology assists in implementing a HIPAA compliant security system.

Visitor Management

Controlling the access of patients, visitors, contractors, and vendor representatives is vital to keeping your facility safe. A visitor management solution is all about knowing and managing who is in your building.

Through the use of an automated visitor management solution, physician offices can track visitors, meet visitor policies and ensure that restricted guests are not granted access. Create watch lists, enable web pre-registration for vendor meetings and utilize unmanned kiosks for arriving visitors to streamline the sign-in processes.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance technology is helpful in two ways. First, it is an important monitoring tool that allows for real-time updates on facility security. Second, video surveillance aids in bringing perpetrators to justice, if crimes occur.


Take this solution one step further by setting up event-triggered video recording. Once a predefined event is triggered—such as logging into a secure computer or opening the supply closet—the video cameras will start recording.

Fire Protection & Monitoring

Fire protection monitored 24/7 by in-house monitoring professionals. 

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Video Surveillance

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions integrated with panic buttons for full video verified active shooter response. 

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Intrusion Detection

Early detection, 3-5 minute response time, reduced false alarms and a Sonitrol $15,000 warranty. This is the best intrusion detection system on the market. 

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Access Control

A responsive access control and lock down solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

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Healthcare security systems are vital to help maintain safety and privacy. Effective video surveillance and access control are crucial to running a doctor's office or other healthcare facility. Contact Sonitrol New England to speak with our experts.