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Protect Your People and Property With Sonitrol New England

We provide integrated security solutions tailored specifically to the needs of faith-based and other non-profit organizations.


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Comprehensive Security For Faith-Based and Non-Profit Organizations

Faith-based and non-profit organizations have unique security needs. You want your community to feel safe but you do not want to be intrusive and restrictive.

At Sonitrol New England, we provide faith-based and non-profit organizations with customized security solutions to make your community feel safe but welcome. 

We are experts at designing state of the art security solutions that are flexible for the users.

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See How To Protect Non-Profits Like Yours With Sonitrol New England

“We want our community to feel safe but welcome. Sonitrol New England provides customized solutions that are comprehensive but not intrusive.”

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Jim Schwab, Director of Safety & Security
JCC of Greater Hartford

Sonitrol New England Will Help Your Community Feel Safe

Your organization does tremendous good for the community you serve. It's no secret that faith-based organizations and non-profits have been targets for horrific active shooter incidents, burglaries, vandalism, fires and more that threatens your ability to carry out your mission.

Sonitrol New England provides customized security solutions specifically tailored to address these threats. Using verified intrusion detection, verified video surveillance, panic buttons, and access control, we will help you keep your community safe.

Verified Intrusion Detection

Using audio verification technology, our verified intrusion detection provides customers with early detection, reduced false alarms, priority police response and a $15,000 warranty. 

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Active Shooter Protection

Our video surveillance systems offer state-of-the-art active shooter protection. With the addition of panic buttons, our monitoring professionals can tap into the cameras in the event of an emergency and relay real-time information to first responders. 

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Access Control

Control who enters your building and when. In the event of an emergency, lock down the building to control movement within the building. 

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Fire Protection

Your facility is a sanctuary for your community. Protect that sanctuary with fire detection and inspection services from Sonitrol New England. 

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See How Sonitrol New England Can Help Protect Your Community

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Sonitrol New England has decades worth of experience protecting non-profit and faith-based organizations. Keeping your community safe is much more than simply protecting your buildings. It is about making the people you serve feel comfortable and welcome. Speak with one of Security Consultants to see what custom solutions will best help you protect your community.