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Property Managers Rely on Sonitrol New England Because of Our Multi-Location Capabilities

Multi-tenant buildings require security 24/7. This can be a significant challenge for property managers who are responsible for multiple buildings. Sonitrol New England's suite of customized security solutions makes it easy to manage multiple buildings on a single platform.


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Access Control Is Key To Property Management

Your buildings are vulnerable to internal as well as external threats. Sonitrol New England's access control systems can help you manage who goes where-and when. 

Only authorized users can enter your facilities or designated areas within your facilities. Set schedules for staff to control their access to the building and reduce risk. Eliminate the need to re-key doors when a key is lost or not returned. 

Our access control system can be integrated with video surveillance, intrusion detections, and fire protection. This solution is ideal for property managers that are responsible for multiple buildings. 

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Protect Multiple Properties From A Single Platform

“I am responsible for managing six properties across New England. Sonitrol New England's fully integrated security solutions allow me to manage them all from a single, user-friendly platform.”

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Peter Evans, Property Manager
United Realty Management

Protect Your Properties 24/7 With Sonitrol New England

Property management is a 24/7 job and securing the safety of your tenants is a top priority. To maintain the security of a property, the manager should develop a comprehensive plan to effectively address all of the potential threats to their facility.

Security measures are not one size fits all and customization is key. Sonitrol New England has provided custom and comprehensive security plans for property managers throughout New England for 45+ years. Whether it is verified intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance or fire protection, we will make sure you have the solutions necessary to protect your facilities and keep your tenants safe. 

Verified Intrusion Detection

Sonitrol audio and video verified intrusion detection provides early detection, priority police response and reduced false alarms. It is also backed by a $15,000 Sonitrol Warranty

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Video Surveillance

State-of-the-art digital video technology that can be seamlessly integrated with Sonitrol verified intrusion detection, access control and any other modular components of your security plan for even greater security. 

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Access Control

Sonitrol New England's access control solutions can track and restrict who goes where-and when. Reduce the possibility of external threats and internal theft, protect your physical and manage multiple buildings from a single platform.

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Fire Protection

Sonitrol New England's fire detection systems are easily integrated with other Sonitrol products and services. Our professional operators can monitor your buildings 24/7 and dispatch emergency services to your facilities.  

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See what a customized security plan looks like for the properties you manage.

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Get A Free Professional Security Assessment To Help You Develop A Customized Security Plan

Our security professionals have been working with property managers for over four decades. We have the technology and expertise necessary to help you protect your assets as well as your tenants. A fully integrated modular security system will help you protect multiple buildings from a single platform.