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19 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Security Cameras

By: James Curtiss on August 25th, 2022

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19 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Security Cameras

Video Surveillance  |  Business Security

Video surveillance and security cameras provide essential tools to improve your business’s safety and security. Security cameras allow you to see what's happening at any time. In this article, we will discuss the 20 top benefits of security cameras.

1. Improve Workplace Safety

Security cameras capture valuable information to improve workplace safety. Besides monitoring the facility, security cameras offer ways to investigate workplace injuries. If an incident occurs, video footage can help you understand the factors that led to the accident.

2. Reduce and Prevent Theft

Installing security cameras will prevent theft and discourage criminals. In a survey, approximately 50% of burglars said they would skip a target if they noticed security cameras. Consider placing surveillance cameras so that your business can monitor the facility 24/7. 

3. Reduce Vandalism

Many businesses suffer financial losses from vandalism and property damage. Security cameras will reduce instances of vandalism and catch the perpetrators in the act. Vandal-proof security cameras have a metal housing or dome cover that keeps them safe. 

4. Reduce Insurance Rates

Security systems provide an easy way to save on business insurance rates. Businesses that install security cameras receive discounts from their insurance provider. Installing surveillance systems will reduce your business's liability and assure the insurance provider that you are proactively preventing theft. 

5. Reduce External Security Costs

Surveillance systems offer a more cost-effective way to protect your business than hiring a security company. Security cameras today are more powerful and space-efficient, making them ideal for 24/7 security. These cameras also provide remote viewing, enabling you to check on your business from any computer or smartphone.

6. Prevent Shoplifting and Stealing

Businesses can catch shoplifters in the act using security cameras. Security cameras provide video evidence if theft occurs, so you can stop the thief from leaving with the merchandise. A surveillance system will let you discreetly observe anyone suspicious lurking in your business. 

7. Prevent Bullying and Harassment

Security cameras offer an effective way to prevent bullying or sexual harassment. If an employee dispute takes place, security cameras will have recorded instances of inappropriate touch, aggression, or bad behavior. A dispute may turn into a legal battle, so it's crucial to keep video evidence. 

8. Stop Employee Theft

Businesses often suffer a major source of lost revenue from employee theft. Security cameras can discourage employee theft and fraud. The likelihood of theft in the workplace significantly lowers when employees know that the business has active security cameras. 

9. Create a Safer Environment

Businesses should protect not only their assets but also their employees. Therefore, it's vital to place security cameras at front doors, parking lots, entrances, and exits. Employees will feel safer walking to their cars at night, and the extra security will prevent vehicle break-ins, vandalism, or other criminal activity.

10. Enhance Customer Perception

Customers feel safer shopping at businesses that use security cameras. Security cameras show that you care deeply about your customers’ safety and security. Research shows that customers who view your business positively remain loyal and provide repeat business.

11. Screen Customers 

High-end jewelry, art, and antique businesses operate by appointment only and keep their doors locked until the customer arrives. Using a voice intercom system alone increases risk. Security cameras allow you to verify the customer's identity and keep intruders out. 

12. Monitor Activity

Security camera systems monitor day-to-day employee and visitor activities. Remote sites and businesses without a manager will benefit from a surveillance system. Security cameras provide valuable information to ensure that all employees follow the company's procedures.

13. Monitor Unsafe Areas

Factories or facilities with dangerous chemicals or gasses may have high-risk areas restricted to employees. Surveillance systems can considerably improve a facility's safety by detecting and preventing an explosion before it occurs or spreads. Security cameras in high-risk locations provide on-site monitoring and observation. 

14. Monitor Cash Transactions

Businesses must ensure that employees handle cash and sale transactions properly. Security cameras provide a clear view of cash registers, point of sale (POS) terminals, and other cash handling areas. Cash register security cameras even feature adjustment capabilities, such as manual or motorized zoom.

15. Monitor Employee Behavior

Businesses may need to keep an eye on employees after the manager leaves. Video surveillance provides a straightforward way to track employee behavior. Security cameras in workspaces allow you to monitor what happens throughout the facility and reduce excessive on-the-clock socializing.

16. Check on After-Hours Crew

Overnight cleaning and maintenance contractors arrive just as you and your staff close down, lock up, and go home. Security cameras allow you to keep track remotely, ensuring the after-hours crew does their job properly. Many surveillance cameras have a night vision mode to see and capture footage in darkness.

17. Advanced Detection

Surveillance systems can detect threats and break-ins before they happen. When security cameras detect a person within their field of vision, they send you an instant alert. As a result, cameras with facial recognition can identify masked intruders to prevent them from robbing your business. 

18. Avoid Expensive, Time-Consuming Lawsuits

An unhappy or disgruntled employee may claim workplace injury in a fake slip-and-fall accident. Indoor and outdoor security cameras will protect your company from such groundless lawsuits. These cameras can easily substantiate any workplace accident or injury claims.

19. Criminal Evidence

Surveillance systems do more than just protect your company. Businesses use security cameras to provide evidence of a crime and validate their case. Video cameras provide key evidence to identify and prosecute thieves, shoplifters, or other suspicious persons.

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