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Stay Safe: 5 Things to Look for in Business Security Systems

By: James Curtiss on November 24th, 2019

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Stay Safe: 5 Things to Look for in Business Security Systems

The North American security services market is currently worth $29 billion as more companies prioritize their security. From risk analysis and alarm systems to security guards and cybersecurity, these services can go a long way to ensuring your company's overall security.

So how do you choose a company that considers your business security systems a priority?

Here are five things to look for in a security system for your business.

By choosing a company you trust, you can experience peace of mind knowing your business is safe and sound. 

1. Expert Experience

First and foremost, you're going to want to work with a company that knows what they're doing. As you search for business security systems, determine how long the company has been in business. 

Their time in the industry can also indicate the company's experience and expertise. 

Otherwise, how do you know the company is capable of offering top-notch security services?

If they've operated for a few years, look online for reviews from past or current clients to determine the company's expertise and capabilities. 

2. The Extra Mile

Business security systems involve a lot more than an alarm. Ask what the company offers, including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Fire panel monitoring
  • Access control
  • Elevator monitoring

What services does the company specialize in? When choosing a company, you want to make sure they suit your security needs.

Don't look for a security company that will provide basic business security systems and nothing else. Instead, you want a company that will go the extra mile. Choose a company that prioritizes your company's unique needs

If they're interested in putting your needs first, they'll ask questions to determine a personalized approach.

3. Lock onto Licensing

Before choosing a security provider, make sure they have the proper licensing. You can check their BBB rating and ULC listing to start.

Make sure they're properly licensed and certified. Otherwise, you might end up risking your business' security.

4. Ongoing Support

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Unfortunately, these data breaches put 60% of small companies out of business within six months of the attack.

Ask the company how they'll provide ongoing support to ensure your business isn't at risk.

You can also ask:

  • Who will act as your point of contact?
  • How do they monitor your business?
  • Can you watch the surveillance feeds from your smartphone?
  • Are they up-to-date with the latest technologies?
  • Do they adopt new technologies regularly?
  • Do you offer warranties and maintenance for the security system's hardware?

These questions can give you a better understanding of their long-term capabilities.

5. Consider the Costs

Before you sign a contract for new business security systems, discuss the total cost. Ask questions about each fee so you can better understand what you're paying for. Otherwise, you might not notice hidden fees or additional costs until it's too late.

Safe & Sound Security: Uncover the Best Business Security Systems

The best business security systems will put your needs first. By considering these five qualities, you can find the best security company for the job!

Don't trust your company's security with just anyone. 

Instead, contact us today to discover the best options for your business.

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Experienced security industry professional. Commercial Security Consultant working at Sonitrol New England.