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The Big Three: How to Keep Your Office Secure When You Aren’t There

By: James Curtiss on April 28th, 2020

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The Big Three: How to Keep Your Office Secure When You Aren’t There

Remote security  |  disaster prevention

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of businesses are now operating from home.  While technology has enabled us to work and problem solve and create together remotely, we still have a physical location to worry about.  Will it be safe and secure?  Will it be the target of thieves or vandalism? 

There are three simple ways to ensure that your business stays secure while you and your employees are away from your physical offices, working from home: lighting, remote monitoring and investing in sturdy locks. 


Lighting may not seem like it should be at the top of the list but we assure you - it is. Remember when you were a kid trying to sneak a cookie from the kitchen at night and the room would suddenly illuminate (thanks to an intuitive parent), and your cookie thievery would come to a screeching halt? The same concept applies to your business, just on a much larger scale.

Placing lights in the right spots throughout and around your building will deter people from breaking in. Combining both motion censored and timed lights creates the impression that you are there (like Home Alone).

For both indoor and outdoor lighting, we recommend using high quality motion sensors. Make sure you know exactly how far the light circumference will fall, as well has how sensitive the motion detection mechanism is. Before you invest in this type of security lighting, be sure you can define your security needs. This will enable you to understand where the motion sensor lights need to be placed.  

Go Remote

Lights aren't the only thing you should have monitoring your business. Having a reliable intrusion and disaster detection system that you can both view and control remotely provides a distinct advantage in staying protected from outside threats.

Installing a Smarter Business Security system will allow you to do just that. This web-based system offers you a wide range of viewing options, including single and multi-site viewing, live-streaming and recorded video, as well as real-time notifications. These remote systems offer you peace of mind, knowing your store front is safe and secure, especially when you can’t be there physically. In addition, this Sonitrol system enables you to monitor your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more, with ease from your device.

Upgrade Your Locks

This is an area that is often just glanced over because a lock is a lock right? Wrong. Consider the fact that banks and many office buildings don’t use standard locks on their exterior doors. You want to make sure your locking devices work as well-integrated parts of your security measures.

Consider installing pick-resistant locks as well as deadbolts. Both add a theft deterrent to your security mix. Lock installation is also important.  You may want to hire a lock expert to correctly position and install your locks.

Working from home seems to be the new normal, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean you have no control over the security of your offices while you are away. At Sonitrol, we are committed to providing the best security systems with integrated remote monitoring so that you can focus on growing your business, now and in the days to come.  Contact us for more information on all our security offerings.

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