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Our Services For Boston Business Security

The verified audio and video intrusion detection system offered by Sonitrol New England stands head and shoulders above the offerings from other business security companies in Boston. Our unparalleled capability to authenticate alarms through our exclusive audio and video verification solutions has positioned us at the pinnacle of commercial security. We boast the industry's highest apprehension rate while maintaining an unmatched record for minimizing false alarms.

boston commercial security

Boston Commercial Security Systems

Sonitrol New England delivers top-tier business security solutions on various scales. Our cutting-edge video technology includes verified audio and video intrusion detection, alongside verified video surveillance, all monitored by our team of skilled security experts.

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commercial fire alarm boston ma

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems for Boston, MA Businesses

Safety and protection is the top priority, and our smoke and fire detection systems are designed precisely for that purpose. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our smoke detectors are adept at detecting the earliest signs of a fire. Both you and emergency services will be promptly alerted, enabling a swift response. Plus, our comprehensive on-site inspection services guarantee that your fire systems consistently adhere to regulatory standards.

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access control installation

Access Control Installation Boston

With access control, choose who can access certain parts of your business and at what times. Take control over your business security by only letting authorized users enter your facility. Reduce internal and external threats in the workplace, and protect your company's important assets at all times.

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Commercial Alarm Monitoring in MA

Our in-facility central station operators provide round-the-clock surveillance of your business property. Trained operators will oversee smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems, and pull stations. These individuals can discern between intrusion alarms and fire signals, ensuring proper dispatch of appropriate emergency personnel to your business.

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Video Surveillance Systems Boston

Our high-resolution cameras capture footage of designated zones in the business. Experience the convenience of total property monitoring, courtesy of motion-activated security cameras and high-resolution digital images, available for viewing at any hour. Simplify the process of sifting through digital records with video analytics software, enabling seamless file searches.

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intrusion detection

Install Business Alarms in Massachusetts

Safeguard your business against unauthorized actions using sensors specifically designed to detect breaches. These systems can be either hard-wired or wireless, often incorporating backup protocols in case of various complications such as power outages.

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Discover The Best Commercial Security Boston

Sonitrol New England is a family-owned business that has protected Massachusetts companies for over 50 years. We make customized plans to meet the unique needs of each customer we serve. As a proven business security installer in Massachusetts, we have the technology and know-how to help you protect your most important assets and improve employee and workplace safety. We are the top choice for commercial security systems in Boston, Massachusetts. Our business security company has locations all across New England:

Boston Office: 2 Park Plaza Suite 305 Boston, MA 02116

Connecticut Office: 65 Inwood Road Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Rhode Island Office: 26 Hemingway Drive Riverside, RI 02915


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Boston's Leader in Commercial Security

With over half a decade's experience, our talented team of Boston business security experts can help keep your commercial space protected.

We are best known for:

  • Commerical Security Camera Systems
  • Commerical Alarm Systems
  • Office Security Systems
  • Small Business Security Systems
  • Business Alarm Monitoring

Serving Boston, MA

Sonitrol New England provides business owners with comprehensive commercial security plans. Your Boston business will be constantly secure with the help of Sonitrol New England. We are proud to offer:

  • Security Systems Boston
  • Security Systems in MA
  • Commercial Security Systems Boston MA
  • Massachusetts Business Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of control do I have with the system?

Our comprehensive systems incorporate multiple safety zones along with advanced automation features. This gives you with complete access control over every segment of your property. We combine cutting-edge sensor technology with digital locks and intelligent systems to create a robust security solution.

Effortlessly enable or disable security settings for individual zones or all areas remotely through your smartphone. In today's challenging landscape, the potential for disruptions caused by disgruntled employees or hostile actors is a stark reality. By having the capability to remotely secure your premises and warn authorities, you effectively shield both your employees and customers from harm.

Recognizing that threats can arise internally as well, our systems are equipped to photograph anyone manually deactivating a panel, ensuring a permanent record of the individual responsible for disabling the security.

Outside of regular office hours, you'll receive immediate alerts on the same device if a sensor is triggered. Our rapid response team is poised to react promptly to any emergency calls, ensuring a swift and effective resolution.

Do you provide maintenance and inspection services?

Our expert technicians, who are intimately familiar with Boston commercial properties, are adept at handling installations, troubleshooting, and all maintenance tasks related to business security. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our higher technician-to-client ratio compared to other security vendors, as we prioritize delivering top-tier service to our valued clients.

When it comes to inspections, maintaining the operational integrity of your fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and security systems is vital. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to conducting meticulous and periodic inspections to guarantee the optimal functionality of these components.

What about installations?

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to receive a fast, convenient quote for your personalized system. We'll dispatch one of our expert security technicians to your business for an on-site assessment of your property. Their evaluation will include identifying possible vulnerabilities, spotting blind spots, and proposing custom security enhancements.

We firmly reject the idea that there is a uniform solution to everything. Your business faces unique challenges, and as such, it merits individual attention. Our team will engage with you to determine the perfect combo of surveillance and security strategies to meet your needs.

What are the security system customization options?
You have the opportunity to enhance system customization by:

  • Documenting keycard entries and exits from the building
  • Seamlessly integrating fire alarm, surveillance, and access control systems
  • Selecting your preferred detection method, including options like magnetic contacts, photoelectric beams, motion or glass break detectors, and pressure or shock sensors
  • Implementing time delays for both entry and exit procedures
  • Enabling automatic security and lights

Work With A Locally Based, Family-Owned, Reliable Security Company

When we decide to help a customer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business in Brookline or a global company headquartered in Boston. We partner with you for one goal: to protect your business assets. Sonitrol New England is here to ensure that you, your business, and your employees enjoy the safest working environment possible.