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Fire Detection Is About Life Safety

Fire detection is an essential component in protecting your physical assets as well as your human assets. With Sonitrol New England, life safety is our top priority.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Sonitrol New England offers 24/7 UL-certified local monitoring. Our professional operators are local and have established relationships with local authorities.

Fire Inspections

A fire detection system that works is not only required by law, it is essential to ensure the safety of your business and employees. Sonitrol New England offers fire inspection services to make sure your system is functioning as it should.

Fully Integrated With Security Solutions

Sonitrol New England's fire detection systems can be fully integrated with other Sonitrol products and services. 

24/7 Monitoring From Local Monitoring Station

Sonitrol is a one-stop-shop when it comes to fire detection systems. We install, service, monitor and inspect your system. Sonitrol fire detection can be easily integrated with other Sonitrol security products and services.

What differentiates our fire detection services from the competition is our in-house, UL-certified monitoring services. Instead of outsourcing our monitoring to a 3rd-party, our systems are monitored locally by our professional operators.

Our operators have been on the job for an average of 10 years and have a strong relationship with local authorities. 

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Fire Dispatch Recording

Sonitrol New England offers in-house professional monitoring services. Listen below for a recorded fire dispatch.

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See how companies like yours use Sonitrol New England for fire detection

“Local monitoring is very important to us. We don't like the idea of 3rd party monitoring when it comes to life safety. ”

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Aaron Gallagher, Maintenance Director

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions when it comes to commercial fire safety.

How long should a fire detection system last?

If you keep on top of inspections and maintenance, your fire detection system should last 10-15 years.

How often does my fire detection system need inspection and testing?

National fire code requires that a fire detection system is inspected and tested annually. Local authorities may have different requirements.

What's the difference between conventional and addressable fire detection systems?

A conventional fire detection system is less expensive and is usually used in smaller buildings. The main limitation to a conventional system is that it identify specifically which alarm is going off - it can only identify which zone is going off. In a smaller building, that may be the only information you need. An addressable system is hooked up to an annunciator panel and can identify the specific sensor sending an alarm signal. For large facilities, this is vital information.

Do I need a fire detection system if I already have a sprinkler system installed?

Yes. Fire sprinkler systems are highly effective fire protection systems once a fire has already started. Fire alarm systems, particularly smoke detectors, can detect smoke and other gases before the flames start, giving you extra time to escape the building. They can also automatically alert the fire department, saving you valuable seconds that could otherwise have cost you your building.

Is my older fire detection system "grandfathered" in or do I need to upgrade it?

There are many circumstances which can trigger a required upgrade to a Commercial Fire Alarm Systems. They are completely at the discretion of the local Fire Marshal and/or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

How are fire detection systems regulated?

Fire alarm system design, installation, and monitoring are regulated by the local "authorities having jurisdiction" or AHJ's. Fire alarm system code and requirements evolve on a regular basis. Your fire alarm company should have specialists that understand the requirements and are in regular communication with the local permitting and inspections offices.

Does my multi-unit residential property require a fire detection system?

International Building Code (IBC 907.2.9) indicates that fire alarm systems are required in properties where any of the following conditions are met : 1. A sleeping unit is located three or more stories from above the ground exit level. 2. A sleeping unit is located more than one story below the egress. 3. The building has more than 16 units. These are only a few of the conditions and requirements. For questions about your project, please contact us for a fire alarm system consultation at no cost.

Can we get a variance on our fire detection system?

Fire alarm systems are strictly regulated and must meet minimum requirements. However, in some cases, the local authority will allow for exceptions or variances from current code requirements.

Fire detection system regulations are complex and vary depending on how local authorities interpret them. Speak with on our experts to design a system that meets your local requirements.

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Fire safety is essential for any commercial facility.

At Sonitrol New England, we understand that fire detection is critical when it comes to protecting your property and ensuring the safety of your employees and staff. We offer premier installation, monitoring and inspection services. Speak with one of our experts today to design a system that will meet your needs.