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How To Make Use Of Security Systems As A Public School

By: James Curtiss on May 8th, 2020

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How To Make Use Of Security Systems As A Public School

If you work behind the scenes at a public school, you might be interested in what kinds of security measures you can take to help ensure the safety of your vulnerable students and staff.

While the use of security systems in public schools might seem a little bit excessive, there has been a rise in school violence and related problems, and additional security is never a bad thing if it's going to protect the students.

If you're interested in how you could make use of a security system in your public school, you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn all about security in public school, and how it can protect your students and so much more.

Intrusion Sensors

While many people don't immediately think of this as a problem, school vandalism and break-ins happen after dark when everyone goes home. 

Schools often don't hold much in the way of money, making them unpopular for thieves, that is until recently. 

Schools now are moving to digital classrooms. There's a lot of high-end tech involved in modern K-12 education, even in public schools. The items used in this process are extremely valuable, especially in the numbers needed to supply classes fully of students. 

If someone breaks into your school, you want to know it. With the use of security systems featuring intrusion detectors, you can rest easy knowing that anyone who shows up to steal from your public school will be spotted and handled immediately.


Many schools have cameras, but do they have full surveillance systems? 

If you want to catch someone suspicious before they can do harm, a high-tech surveillance system is a great choice for your public school. This is an added measure of protection for your entire student body. 

This system can also allow a dedicated staff member to keep an eye on problem areas within the school itself. Is there a particular hallway that sees a lot of fights or bullying? Do you want to keep an eye on the school trophy case? Whatever you need the cameras for, a surveillance system has you covered.

Access Control

In uncertain times, having the ability to control who comes into the school can be crucial. A secure access control system would allow only staff members to open the front doors after they close for the morning. After this, late students or visitors will have to be let in manually. 

This might seem like a hassle, but if it can prevent harm from coming to your school, it's worth the extra steps to letting in stragglers. 

Access control can also stop students from getting into private areas where they're not supposed to be, like offices, or the teacher's lounge. 

Fire Safety

While all schools are equipped with fire alarms, adding a security system means that the fire can be caught more quickly, and emergency services will be contacted immediately. School fires aren't uncommon, and you need to be protected.

In a fire emergency, acting quickly can make all the difference. Having someone on the other end of your security system there to protect you can be lifesaving. 

Is the Use of Security Systems Right for Your School?

You can never be too secure, especially when your job is to educate and protect people's children. The use of security systems in public schools makes sense. It protects the students from outside dangers, and it allows you to monitor everything going on throughout the day. 

If you're interested in a security system for your school, visit our site to learn about us and how we can help.

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