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By: James Curtiss on December 23rd, 2019

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Stay Safe! Here's How to Enforce Security Policies At Your Company!

Your company’s security doesn’t stop with the installation of a security system. Having policies and procedures in place can stop security breaches before they even begin.

But how do you ensure security policies get followed?

With a system of easy steps, enforcing your company’s security policy will become second nature to everyone. Let’s look at how to enforce security to keep your company, employees, and customers safe.

Understanding Is Key

If you want your employees to follow the security policies, you first need to make sure they know and understand it. Opening the lines of communication is key.

Explain why there needs to be a security policy. Knowing the safety benefits, for both them and customers, will help people understand the importance of policies.

Distribute the policy to everyone on staff, including all new hires. Have them sign a document to confirm their compliance.

Carry out Mandatory Training

After they know about the security policies and the benefits it brings, mandatory training will dig into the details of it for them.

Training will make it clear on where they can find written policies for reference. You will teach them exactly how to follow it. Plus, it will explain what happens if the policies get broken.

Role-playing is a great way for employees to get hands-on training for any scenarios that might play out on the job.

Monitor Compliance

To enforce security policies, you need to monitor how well everyone is following the rules. To do this, establish a system of regular audits.

Perform drills or give periodic quizzes to see how well everyone follows the guidelines. If there are security policies for computer safety, conduct random audits of compliance.

Independent auditors will give an unbiased assessment of performance. Plus, conducting these audits on a regular basis will keep the security policies fresh in everyone’s minds.

Encourage Questions and Feedback

Opening the lines of communication isn’t a one-way street. Encouraging your employees to ask questions or give feedback on current policies will ensure there’s an understanding all the way around.

Set up more than one way for employees to submit questions or feedback. This can be any combination of emails, a special phone line, and a point of contact person in the office. Also, offer the option to stay anonymous.

Make sure everyone stays up to date on common questions. Plus, always announce when there are changes made to the policies.

Incorporate Disciplinary Procedures

Breaches of security policies put everyone at risk. When rules aren’t followed, always stay consistent with disciplinary actions.

This can start off as a written or verbal warning. Require extra training for those who violate policy more than once. For serious breaches, job termination may be necessary.

Always make it clear what your disciplinary actions will be so there’s no confusion when the time comes.

Enforce Security Policies to Keep Your Company Safe

A security policy creates the habits and environment of a safe workplace. By knowing how to enforce security policies, your company will establish trust from both your employees and customers alike.

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